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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two herbs or spices. You must get both to score.

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There it was, carved in the bark of the walnut: 'Meg loves Teddy, Eric loves Susie - true'!
I felt numb, as I lay there listening to them arguing in German about Schadenfreude.
She must be ecstatic; her vile plan has worked: the police towed her ex's car away, without even getting him out of bed.
I realise that, above all, spice must flow, but that charlatan, Sykes, now controls the universe!
Christian is exhibiting all the signs of psychopathy, meaning that Anastasia will always be following his agenda.
If you insist on living in Manitoba, you deserve to have a headache; just take an ibuprofen, Nellie, and get over it.
Papillon was a serial escaper, which gave Colonel Jouberg a motive for putting him in solitary.
We had to hold our noses, as a foetid, awful smell filled the lift - Dan is eating onions again, I see!
The sacked football manager was a bit full of himself, but never vainglorious.
Charles, don't let Melrose mar your special day; Alma certainly won't.

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