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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two locations in the Harry Potter universe. You must get both to score.

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Anthea had another look at Horizon: 'Kos seems good value, or what about Benidurm? Strange, that must be a mis-print!'
At Banknock Turn, all eyes were on Topaz Kabanero, the odds-on favourite.
Oh, my god! Ric's hollowed-out canoe just needs Ray Mears melting some tar in order to make it waterproof.
Certain of the scent, he burrowed deeper, until he came up with a consignment of heroin and coke worth at least half a million.
Compo's 'toff' I certainly could identify with; I have (to my chagrin!) got T-shirts with his name on!
Make sure you let Delabeaux bat on Saturday, lest he forbid Den for estimating the cost of the new pavilion wrongly.
Have you heard, honey, Duke's United have signed Solli van der Sar, Edwin's cousin?
In the Siberian 'urmen', gar, dace and grayling are abundant, but a word to the wise: a cress invasion of the lakes is looming.
'Have you got The Glories of Machu Pichu, D. Leigh?' Josh asked the librarian, 'or Diagonal Ley Lines, same author?'
Watson's telegram sounded urgent: 'In Middlesex, Holmes. Pinner. Send cash. OGW. Art's gone to ground.

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