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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two male characters from Harry Potter. You must get both to score.

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Does it contain crab, because Anthea can't have seafood? After that 'surf and turf' kebab, ill doesn't cover it!
'Jack Reacher' is one of Tom Cruise's best films, the only better one being, perhaps, 'War of the Worlds'.
My granddaughter loves jam, especially if red fruits are involved, like strawberries or raspberries.
Ha! Gridlock, Hartley; what have you got to say now? I told you we shouldn't have come in on the M25!
Why say 'large', or 'generously proportioned', when you mean 'obese'? Amusing, isn't it, all this political correctness?
Oh, yes, 'umble, Master Copperfield, 'umble; do remind me, lest I forget my station; evil leaves its mark on us all.
'Ha-harr, me hearties! Ha-harr! Yes, 'twere an old 'obby o' mine, Jim lad!' guffawed Long John.
Please, sir, I used to be in the first team, but since I broke my leg, things have been all up in the air.
'I'll never fulfil Charles' expectations!' she sobbed. 'He wants to play bridge, and I can barely cope with snap, even!'
Peter Ustinov was a celebrated raconteur - he had Samantha Eggar agog with anticipation on one of Parkinson's shows.

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