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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two female characters from Harry Potter. You must get both to score.

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Elizabeth read the letter; it altered everything: Lydia had ... here, she felt her senses sharpen ... eloped, with - Mr. Wickham!
Eric, how could someone who was deaf and dumb rid Gettysburg of rats, or was that Hamelin?
The panel unanimously voted for Cindy, whose rendition of the aria, 'Nacqui all' affanno ... Non piu mesta' moved them all to tears.
Your turn to bat, Hilda,and do try to get to first base, there's an angel, inasmuch as you've got your leg in plaster!
In the old days, every miner valued his safety lamp above all else, then Japan systematically phased them out, in favour of fluorescent lighting.
Feeling uneasy, Bilbo sensed the need to muffle, urgently, his footsteps; Gollum seemed to know he was there, even wearing the ring.
It's my turn for the i-pad, Mary-Lou; it's not fair, Owen always has it before me, and he's only four!
Ah, the Channel Islands: Guernsey, Sark, Herm; I one day hope to go back, as a Pom on a trip down memory lane.
I know, pet, uni always terrified me, but Rachel gained a first at Oxford, and her 'A' levels weren't as good as yours.
'Enter our competition to win Kylie for the weekend!' screamed the headline. 'Get your mitts on our nymph, adorable Miss Minogue.'

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