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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two gun manufacturers. You must get both to score.

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In a break with protocol, Trump tweeted his annoyance, but Bush mastered his, and said nothing.
Hydro-electric power stations on the river Sava generate enough energy to satisfy the needs of cinema users in Slovenia.
Mariah Carey sang 'Endless Love' with Luther Vandross in 1994, and reached (according to the webmag) number 3 in the UK charts.
The class was on a trip to see the local blacksmith, and Wes sonorously imitated the bellows, whilst Stig locked the poor man out of his forge!
'That isn't your beret, take it off!' demanded Anthea. 'Give it back, I'm bereft without it.'
Forecasting the weather by looking at tea-leaves is never a good idea, Fran, chiromancy would be about as useful!
The Minotaur usually devoured the yearly tribute, but Theseus had his number, saved the sacrificial victims, and returned with them to Athens.
Reuben, Ellie and Cyrus decided to buy Rab laser treatment, to get rid of his 'sleeve'.
'Use of our new wonder drug eradicates the need for a transplant!' enthused the scientist, 'And to think it's found in clubmoss, bergamot, or pennyroyal!'
I told Mrs. Dewalt her open fire was dangerous, and now, her house has burned down - see what harm a lit ember can cause!

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