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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two pop groups who had songs that reached number 1 in the UK charts. You must get both to score.

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Jabba the Hutt eased his vast bulk from the throne and oozed down the stairs, laden with the skulls of his enemies.
'In pointillism, all faces are done with dots.', simpered the curator. 'Cool! I often wondered how they did it.' enthused Wayne.
Eddie found a 'ti' on Sarah's sheet music, when it should have been a 'do', and Chris tied himself in knots trying to play it.
For the guardians of the west, life had never been so good, but then, along came the threat out of Mallorea, quashing all hopes of peace.
Time to cast adrift erstwhile ruler of the waves, Britannia; will the last ones to leave, please turn out the light.
To get through her technological BAC, Cara had to have extra tuition in Carpentry, and retake Thatching.
Shelob lured Frodo into the maze of tunnels; here, there was no refuge, especially as orcs controlled the pass.
Meet Biff, our top secret weapon; his bites imply red alert - either that, or he's hungry!
He couldn't tell a Dahlia from an aqueduct, but give Josh a dowsing rod and he'll find water for you in a jiffy.
95% A - C! Lashings of praise all round; that's superb! Each boy should be proud of his achievements.

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