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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two Greek gods. You must get both to score.

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'A nude pose? I don't think so!' muttered Anthea, but as she fumbled for her coat, he mistook the gesture, and whipped out his palette, before you could say 'knife'!
I've just bought a pH rod; it even measures light and moisture, Ros recommended it to me, for the garden.
Don't panic, Ron, US immigration is not interested in your ancestry: you've got red hair, for goodness' sake!
During the interrogation, he categorically denied any knowledge, ostensibly because anything he said might prove incriminating.
'Tedn fitty, tedn proper, tedn ... I keep 'ouse fer en, an' he be spreddn rumers 'bout I', slurred Jud.
Troodon, Baryonyx and Deinonychus are some of the more interesting dinosaurs, which flourished during the early Cretaceous period.
Do you remember Oliver? He actually could deliver a good after-dinner speech, but when he got to 'm', or 'p', he used to stutter like mad.
When Jade met Erik, she was half an hour late, and because he hadn't received her message, things didn't get off to a good start.
'Perhaps it had escaped your notice that the potion should be dark green, Mr. Potter!' sneered Snape, 'Still we wouldn't want a little thing like that to faze us, would we?'
I'd rather be known as a psycho-therapist than a toss-pot, who doesn't know when he's had enough to drink.

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