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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two computer games. You must get both to score.

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What kind of soup: birds' nest or shark's fin, Al? Fanta, Sylvia, or Coke? And shall I order a geisha?
Oh no you don't, that's mine! Crafty, or what? The game isn't over; watch him for spades!
When a web order lands on your desk (discreetly wrapped), and it's a banned EU sex game!
'You piece of offal! Loutish behaviour is my prerogative!' snarled the Sheriff of Nottingham. 'Do you want to keep that limb, or not?'
In the 70s, I grant, Uri smoothed the way for magicians like David Blaine, and others, only half able to copy his style.
In the latest episode of Poldark, soul-searching became the order of the day: should he take a bullet, storm the prison, or hightail it back to Cornwall?
Let's have 'Volver', by the Gypsy Kings, on full blast - when I heard it on the metro, I did like it.
At the dig I'm on, Badgers' Wood is honoured to have several of the ex-Time Team members present.
Sport always seems to bring out the worst in people - watch it, man, I saw that!
After a winter which had been the hardest in years, having broken into the hen-coop, Reynard had decimated the flock.

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