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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two locations from Game of Thrones. You must get both to score.

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Yours to win: Terfel, live in concert; two tickets for his final performance at The Ambassador, next Saturday night.
Hi, Ron; is Land's End further west than Thornhill, in Cardiff? I need it for a geography project.
I'm open to suggestion, but the laird said just hew all those trees down, as they're taking the light.
Anthea was drinking to forget; she threw down fast a portion of pizza, bathed, read for ten minutes, then slipped into a fitful sleep.
You ass! Haikus only have three lines; if Tariq, Arthur and Piers can get it right, why can't you?
Cal suppressed a sob - it got her each time she tasted Bensun's pear drops, or parma violets, for that matter.
'See you at ten, then or thereabouts, in Newbold town centre, under the clock', shouted Josh.
Debra, 'A Vos Envies' are brilliant at organising wedding music, and 'Game High - Garden Parties and Fetes' will do the catering.
What looked like an old rag on stone steps leading up to the cave mouth was, in truth, Eva, leprosy having reduced her to this.
Under the eaves of the dark, deep wood, Mottershead paused; 'Read me ere entering, and then, at your peril', read the sign.

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