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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two male characters from Game of Thrones. You must get both to score.

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There was nothing slipshod, or slapdash about that work of Jon's, now Eric's is a different matter.
When I said 'Ninja', I meant the ancient Japanese society of assassins, not those stupid re-branded turtles!
The carob bean is a good substitute for chocolate, although the one thing I don't like is that it's so sweet.
'It's called 'Grip Control',' purred the Peugeot salesman, certain of his audience, 'and can cope with sand or gravel, snow or mud.'
When that kangaroo seemed to fire back at the hunters, I thought it would give the Major a heart attack, he was laughing so hard!
In Kyrgyzstan, nissen huts have been (cunningly) converted into hothouses, although they do vary somewhat in effectiveness.
How to stop children lying is a perennial problem, and, no, Flora, soap isn't the answer!
Beriberi can almost certainly be attributed to lack of vitamin B, Ben; Jenni-Li is from S.E. Asia, so is susceptible to it.
It was an empty win, for what use was scoring a hat-trick on Saturday, if they were going to be relegated?
Jaconet, or mundane fabrics such as twill, or buckram, say, are hard-wearing and practical.

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