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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two fish. You must get both to score.

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Colonel Jessup had a turbo tantrum on the witness-stand, but he had to admit, in the end, that he did order a code red.
'Liberty bodices hark back to an earlier time', elaborated the lecturer, 'before central heating made us all nesh'.
The poisoned arrow hit Ingmar in the shoulder, and he slid off his horse, a bass drum sounding the retreat as he fell.
Uttering a sombre 'Amen!', the vicar performed his solemn duty.
I listened to Richard Burton reading the 23rd. Psalm on the radio - what unadulterated bliss!
He was known in the 'hood as 'Flash Ali', but really, he was only a glorified car park attendant with aspirations.
The princess thought she had lost her ring in the pool, but the handsome prince, with his sword, fished it out.
You'd best urge on the team, if you're such a keen supporter.
Why don't you go through the proper channels, and ask a teacher?
When I agreed to play hoop-la, I certainly didn't think you had dockers on your team, Olympic qualifying-standard dockers, at that!

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