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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two types of fabric. You must get both to score.

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On seeing the Limpopo, Pliny the Elder said, 'Ex Africa semper a liquid novi.', and without wanting to sound radical, I completely agree!
'Oysters, scallops, parsley aspic ham!' brayed Hortense. 'I'm going to gorge and gorge, or get terribly squiffy, and seduce someone!'
I saw Jethro Tull, eons ago, at the Free Trade Hall, in end-of-term 'activities'.
Judge Dredd had a mask, and a rather large weapon: 'I am the law! Never forget! How do you plead? Not guilty? I knew you'd say that!'
Don't be dim, I typed it; she'll never know it's from me; I'll leave it in the garden; I'm sure she'll find it.
'How twee!' declared Anthea, 'I marvel our parlour-maid can cope with dusting them.'
Once an organ dies, there is very little to be done; I'll call Dr. Scott on the internal line, and he'll make arrangements.
Erasmus linked the idea of folly - stultitia - with his pun on Thomas More's name - moriae - it will blow your mind!
The scent of sun-cream on the towel lingered long after the cleaners, nannies, bar staff et al had ceased searching for the little boy.
Benedict Cumberbatch made a very engaging Hamlet: indecisive enough to make you wince, yet terribly reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes.

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