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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two fruits. You must get both to score.

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'We'll soon sort that problem, one way or another; Viagra, perhaps?' beamed the doctor.
What bunkum! 'Quatermass and the Pit' had a terrifying effect on early horror film fans.
Simple Simon met a pieman, going to the fair; said Simple Simon: 'Six muffins, three pasties and a bap, please'!
'No-one tosses a dwarf!' exclaimed Gimli, melodramatically, but Legolas Greenleaf ignominiously hurled him across the chasm.
Josh bought a cheapo melodeon, but he had to swap each reed, as they had all rusted.
While deputising for Compo, Meg ran a tea-shop in Saddleworth - she was a boss at sumac-flavoured pastries.
'Where do you fancy, this summer: the Algarve, Capri, Côte d'Azur?' asked Joaquin, certain she would choose Capri.
As Jack watched the ogre engage in his favourite pastime: tearing up whole trees, he was hoping to live another day.
He caught sight of a wing-tip, luminous in the gloom, and a ring-ouzel suddenly emerged from behind a rock.
Jealous Orlando rang ex-girlfriend, Kirsten, but there's no hope a reconciliation is on the cards!

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