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QUIZ: Can you progress from TRUMP to GRUNT by changing one letter at a time?

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Presidential hopeful (2016)
The sound of the explosion of a heavy shell.
A piece of wood/a fool/a cut of meat (type of chop).
Abbreviation for a large, intelligent, Anthropoid ape.
Sound made by musical instruments or bells.
The backbone or spine of any animal/a deep, narrow ravine.
Of or pertaining to thee.
Regard or examine in the mind.
Narrow slit or cleft/jingling sound/gasp or lose one's breath.
Sharp tinkling sound/prison (slang).
Adhere closely and tenaciously.
Ostentatious adornment.
Unseeing/destitute of understanding or judgement.
Mild or insipid
Piece of burning wood/trade mark.
Great or imposing in size, character or appearance.
Bestow, concede or give.
Make a deep guttural noise, like a pig.

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