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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two mythological 'creatures'. Types of creature, as well a specific named creatures feature. You must get both to score.

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Can that dancer be Russian? His jeté is absolutely magnificent, Aurélie.
As Stu raced towards the empty phone booth, the ringing stopped, but the pithy drama was only just beginning!
Caligula was a tyrant, and no mistake, Peg; as usual, it was the plebs who suffered.
'Okay, yah, so I'm a fan of Diana, I admit it!' sniffed Anthea, 'And Basil is keen on Charles; what of it?'
Josh chased Margery onto the pitch, clad only in a mankini!
It's a bit showy, Vernon; a piscatorial display should focus more on rods and lines, rather than bunting!
That's another Grand Slam I anticipate Federer will win; just watch, I'm erasing my Murray tattoo already!
In order to play the harp, you really need to practise for four hours a day, Levi, a thankless task, if you ask me.
If that's a polyp, he must get it seen to; I'll phone Dr. Bygriff in the morning.
Some kind of semantic or explanatory guff, in tandem with a working knowledge of German, is necessary, when studying Chaucer.

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