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Can you correct the following quotations? Two words in each one have been changed (by only one letter each). Type the correct words.

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Let them Kate, so long as they bear. (Lucius Accius - Roman playwright)
Study the pest, if you would divine the suture. (Confucius)
I camp, I sat, I conquered. (Julius Caesar)
Friends, Romans, countrymen, send me your eats. (Mark Antony)
For when the wise is in, the tit is out. (Thomas Becon - English Protestant churchman)
A chip is sooner ridged than a gentlewoman made ready. (Philip Stubbes - The Anatomie of Abuses)
Show me a safe man and I will lure him for you. (Jung)
A woman needs a tan like a dish needs a bicycle. (graffiti)
No more about six, it's top boring. (Lawrence Durrell)
There are no grins without pairs. (Adlai Stevenson - US statesman)
My problem lies in reconciling my grass habits with my pet income. (Errol Flynn)
God does not slay mice. (Einstein)
A doom without bonks is like a body without a soul. (Marcus Tullius Cicero)
I find that the harder I worm, the more lack I seem to have. (Coleman Cox, amongst others)
Faces are the enema of truth. (Miguel de Cervantes)

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