Religion Quiz / Elusive Egyptian Gods!

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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two Egyptian gods. You must get both to score.

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'No, Sir, is the response I'm looking for!' snarled Snape. 'Ten points from Gryffindor, for answering back!'
I'm utterly disgusted: they don't allow children, pets, or senior citizens!
Amelia had set her heart on the latest Barbie, but I saw her mum in the toy shop, and she said they had already sold out.
Tell that horrible ape to keep his hands to himself, if he wants to live!
I can't be sure, but 'is name be Carne, I think, Sir.
'The crisis is upon us!' said the commander. 'Dream on, if you think we are out of the woods, yet!'
'Captain Kirk to the bridge!' boomed the intercom. 'An unidentified battle-cruiser on the starboard bow!'
'I was always taught to baste the two layers together, before machining,' said Grandma, at length.
You have to learn to share with others, Anthea, otherwise you'll be an utter outcast.
An interesting concept ... ah, Mr. Bond, so glad you could join us; Jaws is an expert with a pick!

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