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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two breeds of dog. You must get both to score.

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'Trust Luigi to turn it into a Bacchic, orgiastic free-for-all!' sniffed Anthea, as she tried to mop oodles of Chianti off the cream Wilton.
Seen from the air, Edale looks quite impressive, with acres of moorland, sheep, dogwood and rhododendrons.
'It could be a glebe-house,' said Susannah to Pam, 'as Tiffany's father is a vicar.'
The official sat Ian down, revealed the evidence, and showed him the blood; hounded him, in fact, until he confessed.
'That's not the point!' erupted Josh, 'Honestly, Sal, UKIP are finished!'
Lothar wanted to be like Bear Grylls, so he spit-roasted a coypu, gralloched a deer, and said to Malte: 'See you at the waterfall in a week's time.'
'OK, so who had the last walnut whip; Petula, was it you?' 'It was Nicol,' lied Petula, wiping the chocolate from her lips.
Early explorers worked with what they knew, found land where they thought none had previously existed, and created a map lottery, really.
That's just great, Dan, even if you win the next set, Terry will have an advantage going into the 5th.!
See you at eight, sharp; eight, mind, not ten past, and we'll break it all up and cart it away.

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