Geography Quiz / Dissembling Deserts!

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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two deserts. You must get both to score.

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That's great, Sandy! You've just given Kal a haricot bean and sausage casserole - she's a vegan!
Put the bullets in, aim low, and say your prayers. Aha - rabbit stew tonight!
If you renege, Val will never play whist with you again; am I being clear enough?
Teeth always cause problems for animals, but why give a dog a dental implant?
Is that a bison or an ox? Never mind, Gib's on the case, and he's an expert.
He knocked back arak, umpteen shots of it, until he claimed there were Christmas imps on the table, dancing.
There you have the nub: I anticipated he would color a dozen sketches, before settling on one - he's a perfectionist.
Bogdana killed the old man for his money, but then gave him a glowing obituary in her magazine.
The Paris - Dakar oozes high-octane opulence: man and machine in perfect harmony.
Give us a demo: javelin, shot, discus, and we'll drop a tag on Ian's desk in the morning.

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