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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two chemical elements. You must get both to score. NB: No element occurs more than once.

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Where has Shergar gone? Perhaps he's on a kibbutz in California.
Why is my biro never where I left it? If I catch Lori near it, I won't be responsible for my actions.
Memories of Cirith Ungol drove him forward; should he go back to the lair of Shelob, or onwards into Mordor?
They all piled into the car; 'Bon voyage!' shouted Finbar, 'I, um, expect a postcard.'
Private Pile admitted defeat: he was caught with a jelly doughnut in his pasta tin, eeeewwww!
Casting a vote by proxy, generally, is relatively uncomplicated, but you must get it in on time.
A dongle, oh, a dongle, my kingdom for a dongle; the wifi's gone on the blink again!
May I present Athenian Timon, your eponymous hero; once he became poor, his friends became sparse - nice!
'So, you decided to skip Latin', umpire Cadwallader said, 'and come to cricket instead, Nic? Kelly won't be happy - he'll put you in detention.'
Behold Yggdrasil, verily the holiest of trees, and know that I, Odin, expect complete loyalty from all who gaze upon it.

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