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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two composers. You must get both to score.

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I'll have another flagon of metheglin, Kavan, and a Welsh rarebit bagel, garnished with cress and tomato salad.
'Such opinions are better kept to yourself, Winston', whispered Bruck, nervously glancing over his shoulder.
Anthea was off to the Caribbean for her hols, to escape the miserable British weather, but with a slipped disc, Hubert had to stay at home.
I'd rather listen to Jean-Philippe Smet, an ageing French rocker aka Johnny Halliday, over Didier Marouani, any day of the week.
It was Imbolc, and a pagan initiation ceremony was taking place on the heath, complete with snowdrops, amaranth and elecampane.
That new Chelsea signing was blooming lucky not to have been sent off for his foul on the defender; he's very tall, isn't he?
He leapt out of the window, landed on the grass, and didn't stop running until he was safely in the tap-room at The Bell in Islington.
Cor! Ellie beats Carl at Tiddlywinks every time - must be the wrist action!
Have you been to the new Tel-Aviv Aldi? It's much better than Lidl, once you have unraveled the Hebrew signs and labels.
'Give me the disc, human!' No-one cheated Davros, sinister villain, and mortal enemy of the Doctor.

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