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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two counties or administrative areas from the British Isles (Eire is included). You must get both to score.

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Ken tried to say he was sorry, but Barbie didn't listen, and instead, ran off with the local mayor.
The orcs issuing from Dol Guldur hampered the efforts of the elves, but paved the way for the later Mordor set-piece in Lord of the Rings.
Claude von Trapp says it's a broom, or a yellow gorse, and he knows a thing or two about plants.
When Gwen told him what she had done, gallantly, he offered to take the blame.
A little girl called Susan met a satyr one day in a snowy wood, and a great lady fed Edward Turkish Delight; the rest is history.
By common consensus, sex is the number 1. hobby - neither pop music nor folk-dancing comes close!
She rang us up in the middle of the night, and started to chant Rimbaud at us - nutter!
The more or less extraordinary murders in Midsomer set a world record for the highest concentration of deaths per capita in any given area!
Now's the time to panic: he's hired a private detective; you were seen with her in the corn, Wally!
Will that do, I wonder: rye-bread topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and caviar - that's enough stuff, if everyone just has one.

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