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QUIZ: Hidden in each sentence are the names of two cheeses. You must get both to score.

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I could watch Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) until the cows come home, but the actress who plays Brienne of Tarth is very good, too.
Hi there, come in; Hal, Lou, Mick, meet Lydia; Bianca, er, Phil, Lydia's partner; the rest of you already know each other.
Have you seen who Josh is with: Penelope! Cor! In over his head, I'd say! He'll need a money-tree to keep her interested.
Although she might seem 'mental' to you, give Gran a pad, a notebook, or similar, and she'll whup you at noughts and crosses any day of the week.
When threatened, hedgehogs can coil, Lotte; see that one there, he's already rolled into that pan, eerie isn't it?
'Coronation Street' or 'Kill Bill', what's it to be? On SyFy, there's 'The Gorgon', 'Zola' on BBC2, and 'Dancing with the Stars'; some choice!
We can't all be good at Maths, but Ben's wife takes the biscuit: she thinks a tangent is a dance!
He's gone to Spitzbergen, ostensibly to study the fauna, Luc; he's hired a camper-van, and won't be back until next week.
To Dan, ablutions were a thing unknown, so when he tried to get into the Doric, a member threw him out, because he smelled!
Who is that oaf on Tina's couch? Eric Ottaway, I think, he's big in outdoor lighting.

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