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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two female characters from Dickens. You must get both to score.

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After appearing in 'Scream', Peg got type-cast as the old bid dying in the first ten minutes of the film.
How tatty, Cora! Must you use that dog-eared copy of 'Travesties'; tell Alex to lend you his.
It was a tune Llangollen would never forget: if an angel had sung, it would sound like this.
The croupier was a practised orator: 'Place your bets, your bets, ladies and gentlemen, please!'
Hey, doll, you don't wanna mar your chances by hitching up with that creep, do ya?
'Saved by the bell!' exclaimed Ron. 'Oh no you don't, Mr. Weasley', snarled Snape, 'you still have to test her reflexes.'
If it's a scam, I'll alert the authorities, and they will stop them lying about it.
This is symptomatic of Louis' arrogance: he just won't ever admit he's wrong
Jojen, Nymeria, Shae, Wun Wun - there is a certain amount of poignancy attached to their deaths.
'Excuse me, but I have an idea my watch has just been stolen.' 'Yo, bro! Say what?' came the response.

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