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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two cartoon characters from television, film and comic strip, beginning with the same letter. You must get both to score.

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The thought of some inebrious hag gyrating to the strains of Johnny Cash rekindled Tarquin's desire for a quiet night in!
''You great plank, Tony, he's about as Protestant as the Pope!'' yelled Josh.
Jane paced to and fro, stymied by Abbot's untimely intervention; if Red John slipped through his hands now...
Orlando lived in fear, and so avoided the pool, afraid to let Lavinia see that he couldn't swim.
When Miss Trunchbull winkled it out of Bruce that he'd been in her bag, he erased all thoughts of how she might punish him (or tried to!).
Wemmick eyed the prisoner with interest: ''Lovely profile, unusual derma, good bone structure!'' he muttered.
''Tonight I'll brew, tomorrow, bake!'' laughed the little man. ''Names and more names, but she'll never guess mine!''
Tigg Montague (Montague Tigg) erred mightily the day he went to make Pecksniff an offer he couldn't refuse.
Bolingbroke, the father of Prince Hal, in usurping the throne from Richard II, committed wrong, but Hal is a good king.
''Heed, or you die!'' the Dalek intoned. ''Ex-ter-min-ate! An-ni-hi-late! Conquer and destroy!''
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