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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two capital cities. You must get both to score? NB: May include capitals not officially recognised.

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Gus 'The Gun' Giacometti ran a protection racket, until he finally took a bullet himself.
In my opinion, Jude Law displays the beatific air of a man amazed by his own success.
He never thought he would have to quit over an email on Don's computer.
Greta Garbo got an honorary Oscar in 1955, but Anthony Hopkins has a string of awards under his belt.
Whilst listening to Bartok, you do have to concentrate, otherwise, you don't really appreciate the music.
Bryn Terfel has a lovely voice, but Romeo Beckham is better-looking ... and younger!
An example of good grub is sauce with shallots and woodland mushrooms served with Rigatoni.
All I'm asking is that you confirm, once and for all, that you and Jay are not having an affair.
Remember, Lindsey, if you don't keep the hencote neat, hens will invariably lay away.
Grandpa risked everything in order to defect - he must have the gift of the gab, or one hell of a charmed life.

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