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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two breads. You must get both to score.

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'Before playing 'con brio', check with me first!' snarled the conductor, till a second violin burst into tears.
Fred Stolle never won Wimbledon, but he could jump a net to 'negotiate' with the referee with the best of them.
The army surgeon attached to number 4 Para thanked the doctors for coming, and allocated to each a patient.
'Will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get back together, uncle Fiacro?' 'Is Santa Claus real?' snapped her uncle.
After throwing down a kebab, Karen went to the disco, never stopping to think that it might be a bad idea.
Lady Galsworthy put her ermine muff into the carriage, whereupon Fulcrum pettishly flung it into a corner, and sat on it!
Ivanhoe emerged from the moat caked in mud, but at least he had given Morwenna an opportunity to escape from the castle.
The thief gave Ricci a bat taken from W. G. Grace's study, having stuffed it into a bag, eluded the police (who were lying in wait), and scaled a 20 ft. fence.
How cute - a cake-walk; grab a partner, and let's take to the floor!
MPs voted to ban nocking, without really knowing what it was; Robin Hood could have provided the answer, yet they didn't ask him.

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