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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two British universities. You must get both to score.

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Aslan cast erratic glances over to the stone table, where stood Jadis, the sorceress, exulting in her imminent victory.
If you're going to make elementary mistakes like that, perhaps heart surgery or kidney transplantation is not the specialism for you.
The very thought of raspberry ripple ices terrified Anthea: 'I've just been to the dentist's, and my gum is tender, still.'
Baldur, hampered by dreams of his own death, was trapped in a complex, eternal vortex.
The gang bought a course of botox for Davina's 40th., but she took entirely the wrong attitude to the gesture, and didn't speak to them for weeks.
It's a scam, Bridget, don't fall for it; they're just waiting to bleed some poor sucker dry!
I'll never forgive Brad for divorcing Angelina, or was it the other way round? Hard to suss ex-wives, and what they are thinking.
On his first day at nursery, Stan drew some lovely pictures for his mummy, but he put bread in Graham's wellington, and wouldn't apologise.
The suspect, in a staggering display of hubris, told lie after lie, and his coffers grew full on donations from a gullible public.
I'd arranged to meet Sal and Ned in Burg Hohenzollern, but I hadn't seen Sal for days, so was a bit worried.

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