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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two British football (soccer) clubs. You must get both to score.

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'The History of the Sarsen' always brings them in, but this week, it's 'Vercingetorix, the Celt, Iconic National Hero'.
'She was wearing a smile, and not much else!' answered Josh. 'I just managed to get this token photo'.
The judge doffed his wig and mopped his brow, hoping he had looked his last on villainous deeds for the day.
I've a good mind to burn Leyland's shed down; that was the most awful hamburger I've ever eaten.
Erica is turned into a 'feeder' by Count Yorga, and feasts on her cat's liver - pools of blood everywhere, ugh!
They followed the trail west, hampered by the failing light, but there below, at ford Isen, lay sanctuary, if they could but cross.
Oh, man! Chester city hall, next Saturday night: 'Cass Purseglove sings Country'; unmissable!
Paracetamol is good, if you have a fever, tonsillitis, or just a cold, but ibuprofen, or Wicherley's powders are better for inflammation.
As they neared Aswan, searing summer heat made progress difficult, and the sign: 'NILE ICES' terrified them, in case it wasn't real.
Crouching in the stubble, Ed's unit edged forward; he was under landing orders of the highest secrecy.

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