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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two breeds of cat. You must get both to score.

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The creatures came howling from the abyss, in Ian's direction - poor Eva never saw them until it was too late.
Actually, Koi carp are very easy to breed: you just need a tank, or at least a pond in your garden.
I'm anxious to trace my birth mother, and, as I anticipated, it's not going to be easy.
The Hindu holy man started to sing a purana poem, and Ben gallantly joined in, despite being tone deaf.
'Just fancy: Prussian blue, rose madder, burnt sienna; what lovely, old-fashioned colours!' 'Ok, ok; enough colours, already!'
Anthea's voice was reduced to an excited whisper: 'Sian, look; there's a pixie bobbing about in the grass!'
Rickettsia, mesenteric dysentery and neurasthenia did for more 1st World War soldiers than any bomb, aye, there's irony for you.'
If you go to bed with wet hair, you will catch pneumonia, Ang, or a cold, at the very least!
After watching Bambi, no-one with a heart could ever eat venison again, Irma; ultimately, it's animal cruelty.
'I don't mean to brag, doll, but is Iberia not in Europe, then?' tried Josh (Geography not being his strong suit!).

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