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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two bones, or parts of the human skeleton. You must get both to score.

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They stared at the monster, numb with fear: 'Is that a monkey?' Rafe murmured.
He was a foul, nasty piece of work, and now he was in custody, where he belonged.
Nothing could keep Elvis from his fried mars bars, a crumpled wrapper being all that remained of a whole box.
Go on, Grandpa, tell a story, the one about a luscious, red, ripe strawberry and a big hungry bear.
Howzat! Did you see that topspin? 'E was out of his crease! Look at the bail, I ... umpire, come on!
Tell you what, Max, I'll aerate the lawn, with the scarifier, and you cram all Eustace's toys into that big box.
Salmon is very nice, trout and carp, also, if you like freshwater fish, with just a pesto and parmesan crust - yum!
In the province of Northern Samar, in the Philippines, Capul actually is an island, Stevo, merely a lighthouse, formerly.
Having followed #Wroclav, I clearly didn't realise where it was, Brad; I used to be good at geography, too!
Thirsk - Ullapool, over 400 miles in two days; what a triumph! Alan gestured to his team-mates to join him on the podium.

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