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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two historic battles. You must get both to score.

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The lack of water looming, the scarcity of insects and the absence of blossom mean no fruit.
In this thoroughly modern era, Millie's bobbed hair and short skirts look, in a way, as if anything goes!
Well, Andre's denied any involvement in the robbery; has Ting Sun said anything that might implicate him?
Turn the page over, Duncan; look, it says 'Alexander Borodin: only opera, Prince Igor, left unfinished.'
Progress: roll out the new, bury the old, Gary; press on with change, at any price.
I call gran a danger to other road users: she doesn't signal at roundabouts, and her clutch-control is suspect.
They didn't think Mark Rothko so vocal, but he was Latvian, so he wouldn't budge an inch on matters of integrity.
I use a griddle pan to make Scotch pancakes, but when in Wales, I aim to make Welsh cakes on it.
Philip Pirrip, or Pip, as he was known, was helped to the top at a young age, by the gratitude of Abel Magwitch.
'Erm, I'd way too much to drink last night - you've caught me in the act, I, um, was hoping to leave these for you.' he said, blushing.

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