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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two baseball teams (e.g. Yankees, White Sox). You must get both to score.

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Septimus was bored shirtless by yet another round on Harry Potter; he forgot to hand his team's score-card in, also, so they were disqualified.
'Blast!' snorted Tipper, 'Beluga Blue, Jay's Joy tied for first place, third was Lovely Lady, and Leroy also ran!'
His i-pad resolution was such, that Josh was able to watch 'When Harry met Sally' in dim light, no probs.
Stig, erstwhile caveman, waved goodbye. 'Meet you at the sarsen at, or shortly after midnight!' called Barney.
He'd tried eating most animals, but ever since he was a cub scout, Bear Grylls had always wanted to give a tapir a test run.
The Artful Dodger showed Oliver how to become a member of the gang, else he'd have starved to death.
'See you at the club rave, Saturday!' shouted Phil. 'I very much doubt it', bitched Anthea,'Phil lies through his teeth, habitually'.
Some athletes said they wouldn't go to Rio, lest they contract the Zika virus, but Delmar Linsey was made of sterner stuff!
Have you tried Jared's ox-tail soup? I've given Angi Ant's vichyssoise to compare.
I ride the wind, I answer to no-one, for he that wins the race, takes the prize.

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