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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two artists. You must get both to score.

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Lucy stroked Aslan's mane; 'Tell me, child of Eve,' he growled softly, 'does the prospect of war hold no terrors for you?'
'What's in the broth?' 'Kohlrabi, carrot, parsnip and potato, and a little bit of thyme for flavouring.'
Mat is seriously antediluvian; his chat-up line goes something like this: 'Hi, doll, I've got a low rye-whisky tolerance; care to share a bottle of Bolly with me?'
When Anck Su Namun cheated on the Pharaoh, that set it; I anticipate a remake of those three films any time soon!
Your turn to do a stint, or Ettore will start hectoring you, Luc, on stable mucking-out for dummies!
'Hang on, Ern, stay outside; it says : no hiking boots, no silly hats, and absolutely no beards'! Leyla snickered.
In possession of Gungnir, Odin was, once more, invincible, albeit with a wide gash in his shoulder.
The Terminator is back, and in sky-blue tights with yellow stripes - such a gallant! 'You sure you've got the right film?' sniggered Mark.
'Beluga caviare? No, I really hate it', murmured Anastasia, 'I've always thought it was much ado about nothing.'
'Well, go 'Yahoo', spoon honey all over me, er, and call me Susan, if it isn't so', said the General.

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