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Can you name the American states hidden in these sentences?

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How many times have I told you, Ken, tuck your shirt in!
Although Howard was repeatedly trying to connect, I cut him off in mid-sentence.
In Greek mythology, Io was nymph, who attracted the attentions of Zeus.
Upon entering the mine, in order to reach the ore, go north for about half a mile, along the upper gallery.
Mary-Lou had a suitcase containing two pairs of shorts, one bra, skates, a helmet and knee pads.
Despite having watched a Natural History film on extinct species, Tex could not say what color a dodo was.
Caroline, you are like your grandma in every way.
Agent Q, it is down to you to cover M on the way into the building.
Ida, what are you talking about? Ah, I see!
That cream is sour; if you had put it in the fridge, it would have been ok.

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