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QUIZ: Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two sizeable North American rivers. You must get both to score.

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Something is amiss; our indications are that those thuds on the hull constitute an attack by the enemy.
How should I know what color a dodo is; they've been extinct for more decades than I care to mention.
Having queued for hours to see the Jacques Loussier Trio, gran decided, given the meagre entrance fee, it was well worth it.
The famine in Biafra served as a warning, but the government cared not one whit, even though they had the means to avert a repetition.
When Josh came to, he was naked, apart from a rather skimpy pope costume, and a pair of stilettos.
Cheese and jam, especially strawberry, yuk! Only you could come up with that combination!
'Volluto or Dharkan, Saskia? Gulliver has opted for Bukeela.' 'Oh, I only drink green tea, sorry, Persephone!'
Easy on the fake tan, a natural look is in this season, Trini; Tyra Banks said, so it must be true.
I've known Usain Bolt show a bashful side to his nature; when we're in church, I'll get you his autograph.
Smiling, I lazily watched from the deck, as the wind began to freshen, and Oahu slowly sank below the horizon.

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