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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two American football teams. You must get both to score.

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Tommy Hampson, Ann Packer, Steve Ovett and Alf Tysoe have all won Olympic gold medals for Great Britain at 800m., but Nathaniel Sebeng also runs that distance.
That's the last time I buy an ink-jet; stupid thing - it's printed this pic of Dolph in sepia, instead of full saturation.
My favourite is Bron, 'cos he's kick-ass - and the one-eyed raven should keep his stupid predictions to himself.
Come, come, Tattycoram, simmer down, count to five and twenty, and take a draft of coltsfoot wine to soothe your temper.
Have you forgotten your training, Ian, tsetse flies cause sleeping-sickness, and I doubt if a handkerchief soaked in eau de cologne will help.
'I do not intend to forbear, simply because Mildred's kinsfolk have started to raise objections', said Algernon, sniffily.
To any seasoned ex-pat, riots in Kracow, boysenberry pie, and raw sewage in the streets were all part of the experience.
This is our latest acquisition by Ernesto Calvi: 'Kings and Queens of Lombardy', and no, that isn't gold braid - ersatz, I'm afraid.
Wagner's definition of Parsifal consists of the following: 'A Festival Play for the Consecration of the Stage', and it's a cardinal sin if you clap at the end of Act One.
The moment he opened the tomb, ills of the whole world seemed to hiss past his ears; 'It's too late, isn't it? Answer me!' echoed his shouts, but there was no answer.

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