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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two characters found in 'Alice in Wonderland' OR 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'. You must get both to score.

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Josh had an angry phone conversation with his (now ex!) boss, in which he told him what to do, doubtless!
Let Brad, or Mo use the photocopier; on second thoughts, Mo, use the one in here, and Brad, take your stuff down to reprographics.
50° below, Al! Russian winters are always like this; don't carp, enter your pass-code, and let's get inside out of the cold.
Mrs. Fitztweed led Umberto into the nursery, whereupon he proceeded to thump Ty, dump Ty's toys all over the floor, and generally misbehave.
It was a far cry from arch-harem to the gutters of Baghdad, but by living in squalor, Yasmina had escaped the Mongol hordes laying waste to the city.
Caring not a whit, e-rabbi Tugendhat told Ezra and David they didn't need to wear their yarmulkas; oy! Stern rabbi Silver sent them home from the synagogue!
Anthea, in a fit of pique, engineered things so that the water supply was contaminated, which made Guy and Bob ill.
I'm sure Harry Potter would jump at the chance of a Butterbeer, magical ice-cream, with meringue pieces.
We're to meet Beth at Terminal 3, and bring her back; 'Inglourious Basterds' is on at Grand Central - we'll go there after we've had a bite to eat.
'From Aryan, Nordic, many of the Indian, and most of the European races are descended' droned Professor Mercater, pillar of the establishment.

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