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Hidden in each of the following sentences are the names of two antelopes. You must get both to score.

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Let's hear it for Rory, X-Factor Bootcamp competitor, and the one they all want to sign up!
This spring, Boko Haram released 82 of the kidnapped schoolgirls, in an attempt to curb ongoing speculation about their motives.
Answer me back again, and you'll get a thick lip, Springer; your chances against me are pretty slim, pal, ask anyone!
Josh wanted to breed buck-rabbits, and Mr. Forbush buckled under pressure, and bought him a hutch.
To the strains of 'Men of Harlech', Welshmen throughout the stadium were sobbing openly; Gwen averted her gaze: Llewellyn was in bits!
Lady Dalrymple, like many a lady before her, had hoped to gain from a nil gain/nil loss clause; sadly, she predeceased her husband!
'To be, or not to be?' is a question as slippery as an eel, and a very famous quotation, to boot.
The Fellowship was left to picture the scene by the words of Ori, bibliophile and scribbler: 'We cannot get out. They are coming.'
The hunt sab led the protesters to a narrow gully, where, through a chink, a ray of light showed the path the hunt would have to take.
I say, that's too bad! I bat again, surely, though, Melissa; I gather the ball was wide.

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