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Hidden in each sentence are the names of two alcoholic beverages. You must get both to score.

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The courtyard was full of fakirs chanting, whilst walking over hot coals - can't see our vicar, the Reverend Unwin, ever doing that!
What a fracas: sisters at each other's throats like ferrets in a bag, and the language ...!
The copper nodded off, and the old lag erected a makeshift ladder, and was over the wall in a jiffy.
'Eight no trumps!' sang Ria, triumphantly. 'You fool!', snapped her partner, 'There's no such bid!'.
Bran dying is not a scenario I want to contemplate - he can't just be 'erased', it would spoil the show.
I am not going into why I changed my name; what happened in the past is better left there.
Murray had a three game advantage in the final set, when the match had to be abandoned, due to a suicide right there on the centre court.
You zombie-lover! That's the fourth time you've made me sit through that awful performance by Babs in 'The Roost'!
You should really use proper rye-flour, and don't forget to top or tail the gooseberries; we don't want indigestion!
Evander Humboldt withdrew his key from its leather pouch, and slid it noiselessly into the lock.

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