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what all living things are made of
powerhouse of the cell, makes ATP
found in plant cells, turns light into sugar via photosynthesis
contains the DNA
this is both rough and smooth (full name) the rough has ribosomes, and they process proteins
they assemble proteins and are in the Nucleus
provides structure for the cell and is everywhere
helps with cell division, and there are only 2 in the cell
keeps food and water inside the cell, and keeps plants rigid
contains digestive enzymes
process and package proteins
both atoms want to keep their electrons about the same amount, so they share them. what bond?
one atom pulls electrons off of another atom, and the two oppositely charged ions attract one another
attraction between oppositely charged part of molecules (also known as Van der Waal's forces
creates surface tension, causes water to stick to itself
water sticks to other things, creats capillary action
made of amino acids in a chain
one ring
two rings
made up of fat with a backbone
backbone of previous-
type of fat made up of single bonds
type of fat made up of non-single bonds
fatty acid+phosphate
what the cell membrane made up of
types of transport proteins (no comma)
the process of molecules moving from high concentration to low concentration
the process of water passing through a membrane to help the solute spread out
a form of active transport where contents are released outside of the cell using vesicles
a form of active transport where things from outside the cell are surrounded by membrane to form a vesicle
what enzymes act on
what are coenzymes
what are cofactors
what kind of biological molecule is an enzyme
what would you soak bacteria in to kill it
what fish do you have to soak in water to make it safe
when you unboil an egg what do you stretch out to refold?
what are the two main sections of the cell cycle
in which phase does the size of the cell double
which phase is cell cycle arrest
in which phase does the genetic material replicate
which phase checks the duplicated cell for errors and prepare it for mitosis
what is the process where a cell divides into two?
what are the five phases of the previous answer in order? (no commas or ands)
the phase where the cell fully splits
what is DNA made of?
what does T stand for
what does A stand for
what does C stand for
what does G stand for
which model of DNA replication is correct
what do you call the hereditary material that determines what proteins are produced
what do you call a characteristic that is caused by genetics
what is an alternate form of the same gene?
how many chromosomes do humans have
if a cell only has one version of each chromosome its a
if a cell has two versions of each chromosome it is a
what do you call the process of a cell dividing into four haploids for sex cells
what is a fertilized cell called
the change in genes of a population over time is
all members of a species in one place is a

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