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Apollo 11first person to walk on the moon
Apollo 11second person to walk on the moon, was the pilot of Apollo 11
Space Shuttle ChallengerFirst American woman in space, youngest person in space ever
Vostok 1First human in space
Friendship 7One of the 'Mercury Seven', first American to orbit Earth, was a senator
Gemini 5third person to walk on the moon, set eight-day space endurance record
Gemini 3second American to fly into space, first NASA astronaut to go into space twice, was killed during pre-launch of Apollo 1 mission in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Freedom 7one of the Mercury Seven astronauts, the second person and the first American to travel into space
Apollo 13The commander of the Apollo 13 mission, pilot of Apollo 8, first lunar orbit Apollo mission
Space Shuttle Endeavourfirst African-American woman to enter space
Space Shuttle Endeavourfirst Native American to enter space
Space Shuttle Challengerfirst African-American to enter space, on the Challenger
Vostok 6First female in space
Space Shuttle ChallengerOnly female member of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
Mir space stationastronaut who has spent 438 consecutive days in space
International Space StationU.S. astronaut with longest single trip in space, spanning 342 days on the ISS

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