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adj. 1.sweet to the tast 2. pleasant soundingAntonyms 1: ACERB/ACERBIC (bitter) Antonym 2: CLARION (shrill or sharp in sound)
n. trivial or worthless poetryAnalogy jewlery:BAUBLE as poetry:DOGGEREL. Rationale worthless jewlery is bauble; worthless poetry is doggerel.
adj. able to produce an effect; potent; COGENT; DYNAMIC (#283)Antonym: EFFETE (#288)
adj. montonous; dullAnalogy: food:BLAND as clothing:drab Rationale: dull food is bland as dull clothing is drab.
adj. ramnling from one subject to another; CIRCUMLOCUTORY; DESULTORYIf someone is DISTRAUGHT (#267), he/she might be called discursive or DESULTORY (unmethodical) but someone DEVIOUS (indirect; crooked) would more likely be called CIRCUMLOCUTORY (wordy in a deliberate attempt to decieve).
n. a funeral songA DIRGE is DOLOROUS (#274)
n. a poem about rural areas and peopleConnections: Eclogues deal with subjects which are BUCOLIC (pertaining to the country).
v. to steal when in a posotion of trustConnection: People who embezzle are characterized by DUPLICITY (#281). They employ COVERT, CLANDESTINE (secret) and DEVIOUS (decietful) methods.
v. to belittle; DEPRECIATE; DERIDECALUMNY (false and malicious accusations), DIATRIBES (abusive speeches) and DEROGATORY(belittling) language disparage. DEMAGOGUES (rabble-rousers) disparage their opponents and their positions on issues. ACERBIC, ACRIMONIOUS, CAUSTIC (bitter) speeches disparage. ACCOLADES and ADULATION (praise) do the opposite.
adj. strongly stating an opinion without evidenceConnection: An ARBITRARY or BIGOTED (biased; prejudiced) person, such as a DEMAGOGUE (rabble-rouser) is dogmatic. A DICTUM (authoritive statement) may be dogmatic. Dogmatic people often lack EMPIRICAL (300) evidence for the statements they make.
adj. energetic; AVID; COGENT; EFFICACIOUS (#289)Antonym: Effete (#288) Connection: AVD (enthusiastic), DYNAMIC (#283) people display ebullition.
adj. completely differentIn a DICHOMOTY (division into two opposing parts) the parts are disparate. In fact, each is the ANTITHESIS (exact opposite) of the other.
n. sullen resentment or anger (usually used in the expression, 'in high dudgeon' - very angry)Connection: BELLICOSE (warlike angry), CANTAKEROUS, CHOLERIC (irritable) people are often in high dudgeon.
n. payment for services; salary
adj. submissive, showing DEFERENCE (submission to another's will); easy to teach or EDIFY (#287); acquiescent; AMENABLE, COMPLAISANTAntonyms: ADAMANT (stubborn); CONTUMACIOUS (scornfully insubordinate). People who are AMENABLE (responsive) or COMPLAISANT (willing to please) tend to be docile and will ACQUIESCE (comply) to another or will show DEFERENCE (submission to one's will). ADAMANT (stubborn), CONTUMACIOUS (scornfully disobedient) people are AVERSE (opposed) to doing this. They BALK (refuse) or fail to show DEFERENCE; thus, they are not docile. Someone too docile is ABJECT (cringing)
v. to disclose; make knownPeople make divulge (give out) secrets of COVERT, CLANDESTINE (secret; hidden) activities of DEVIOUS (decietful) people, but they DISSEMINATE (#264) information.
adj. sad; mournful (said of a person)Antonyms BLITHE (cheerful); CONVIVIAL (joyous); DROLL (#277) Someone very doleful can be distraught (#267)
adj. absent-minded; inattentive to detailAntonyms: ASSIDUOUS (diligent; attentive to detail)' Astute (shrewd) COGNIZANT (aware) DISCERNING (#257)
adj. no longer productive; worn out; decadentAntonym: AVID (enthisiastic); COGENT (potent); DYNAMIC (#283); EFFICACIOUS (#289)
adj. dissipated; morally corruptAntonyms: very ABSTEMIOUS (moderate in use of food and drink); ASCETIC (self-denying); AUSTERE (very strict in lifestyle) A derelict (social outcast) may be dissolute, while a CELIBATE (one who denies himself/herself sexual activity) is ACETIC.
n. deception; double dealingDEVIOUS (indirect; crooked) people, such as CHARLATANS (pretenders of knowledge) or CABALS (conspirators) practice duplicity.
adj. 1. instructive 2. moralistican ADMONITION (gentle rebuke) is meant to EDIFY (#287)
n. disagreement; lack of harmonyAntonym: AMNITY (friendliness; peaceful relations) Discord is caused by people who are ACERB/ACERBIC, ACRIMONIOUS, CAUSTIC (bitter), ADAMANT (stubborn), BELLICOSE (very quarrelsome, warlike), CANTAKEROUS, CHOLERIC (irritable) or CONTUMACIOUS (scornfully disobedient). DEMAGOGUES (rabble-rousers) like to create discord. AMNITY is created by people who are AMENABLE, COMPATIBLE (agreeable) or COMPLAISANT (willing to please). An ALTERCATION (quarrel) is marked by discord, and discord exists when people have ANTIPATHY (strong dislike) for one another. When people CONCUR (agree), there is AMNITY.
n. an amateur or dappler in the arts.Antonym: Connoiseur (experts in the matter of taste). A dilettante knows just a little about subjects that are ASTHETIC (pertaining to beauty). He/she gives cursory (slight) attention to the various arts. He/she is DESULTORY (unmethodical) in his /her approach in the arts. A dilettante is not DISCERNING (#257)
v. to issue forth from
adj. daily; occuring in the daytimeAntonym: nocturnal (occuring at night)
n. 1. a softener or moisterizer 2. adj. soothingAntonym 1: DESICCANT (substance that dries) Anotnym 2: CAUSTIC (bitter)
adj. resulting from experience or experimentAntonym: ARBITRARY (biased; based on personal whim) Connections: A BIGOTED (biased; prejudiced) or DOGMATIC (#272) person, such as a DEMAGOGUE (rabble-rouser) usually does not have empirical evidence to CORROBORATE (support) his/her OPINIONS; THEREFORE, THOSE OPINIONS ARE ARBITRARY (biased; based on personal whim).
adj. 1. comical 2. amusingly odd; BALMYAntonym 1: DOLEFUL (#273), if said of a person DOLORIOUS (#274) if said of a situation Antonym 2: AUGUST (stately; grand)
n. disappointment; embarrasment; confusion; frustrationAn ADMONITION or chiding (gentle rebuke) or an ALTERCATION (quarrel) might leave one with a feeling of discomfiture. If someone were to CASTIGATE, CHASTISE, (scold or punish severely), DEPRECIATE, DERIDE (belittle) or DISPARAGE (#261) another or use DEROGATORY (belittling) language toward that person, he/she would probably experience great discomfiture.
adj. doubtful; AMBIGUOUS; APOCRYPHALOne should be dubious or look ASKANCE (distrustfully) at what is dubious, but one should put CREDENCE (trust) in what is AUTHENTIC (genuine). A CHARLATAN (pretender of knowledge; imposter) is a dubious character.
adj. extreme in effect; dire
n. boldness; arrogenceAntonym: DEFERENCE (submission to another's will) Connections:
adj. sad mournful (never a person)Connection:a DIRGE (256) is dolorious.
adj. having keen insight (ACUMEN); ASSIDUOUS; ASTUTE; COGNIZANT of the fine points of a subjectAntonym: DISTRAIT (#266) Someone DISCERNING is able to DESCRY (discern; notice) what others migh miss. A CONNOISEUR (expert in matters of taste) is discerning; a DILETTANTE (#255) is not.
n. a sculptured or picture image of someone; a dummyConnection: One way to express ANTIPATHY (strong dislike) for someone is to hang him/her in effigy.
adj. delaying; tardyA dilatory person does not act with ALACRITY (eagerness; briskness) or CELERITY (speed).
adj. bewildered or perplexed, usually due to griefAntonym: BLITHE (cheerful; free from worry or care) We offer CONDOLENCES (sympathy) to people who are distraught. Someone very DOLEFUL (#273) could be distraught.
adj. thin; atrophied (wasted away) CADAVEROUS (thin; ghastly pale)
n. bubbling over; outburst of spiritAntonym: APATHY (lack of spirit) Connections: AVID (enthusiastic), dynamic (#283) people display ebullition.
v. to exclaim; cry out
n. inequality
v. to draw forth
n. 1. brilliant achievement or conspicuous success 2. great acclaim; ACCOLADES; ADULATIONAntonym: DEBACLE (terrible collapse) Antonym 2. Calumny (false, malicious accusation)
adj. 1. truly shy, as opposed to DEMURE (pretending to be shy or modest) 2. lacking confidenceAntonym: Bumptious (boldly concieted) A diffident person would not display ARROGANCE (proud and offensive self-esteem) or EFFRONTERY (#291). Someone overly diffident could be ABJECT (cringing; servile).
n. a perplexing situation involving a choice between two equally undesirable choices.
n. coercion; force originally - imprisionment, now usually used for expression 'under duress'Antonym: 'with ALACRITY' (willingly) Connections: If one is AVERSE (reluctant) to doing something, he/she may BALK at (stop short of) doing it or do it only under duress. If one has ANTIPATHY (strong dislike) for something he/she is likely to do it under duress.
v. to enlighten; to instruct morallyConnections: DIDACTIC (#251) material is intended to edify. DOCILE (#270) people are easy to edify An ADMONITION or a chiding (gentle rebuke) is meant to edify.
v. to disperse; scatter; distribute (as information)
adj. outstandingly bad;

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