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Can you name the bones of the body, skull

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Name Atleast 2 of The Features of The Ulcoronoid process is one of the features Name this bone or sutures
 lacrimal bone
 inferior nasal concha bone
 palatine bone
 nasal bone
name atleast 3 features of the sphenoid bonesphenoid bone
 sagittal suture
name atleast 2 featureszygomatic bone
 parietal bone
name atleast 7 featuressternum
 lambdoid suture
Name atleast 5 features of the temporal bonetemporal bone
name 7 features of the ethmoid boneethmoid bone
 coronal suture
name atleast 2 features of the occipital boneoccipital bone
Name atleast 1 feature of the frontal bonefrontal bone
name atleast 2 of the features of the maxillary bonemaxillary bone
name the feaurescervical verterae
 hyoid bone
 squamous suture

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