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After Harry's hearing in the 5th book, what did Arthur Weasley have to deal with?
Whats is Hagrid's mothers name?
When Hermione modifies her parents memories what are there names?
What is the firm Mr.Dursley works for?
On their way to Kings Cross Station in the 6th book, who is Harry sitting with?
What is Draco's childs name?
What is Cho Chang's favorite shop in Hogsmeade?
I open at the close.
What is Hagrid's last name?
Who is the person who comes to Hogwarts to teach 6th years to apparate?
Ultimate QuestionsUltimate answersUltimate other stuff
Whats is professor Slughorn's favorite snack?
What is Voldemort's Uncle's name?
What is the name of the witch who Hermione turns into at the ministry in the 7th book?
On page 216 of the 3rd book, what does Sir Caddogan say about Harry, Ron and Hermione?
What do u do to get into the Hogwarts kitchens?
What is Mrs.Weasley's worst fear?
Who was Ginny's first boyfriend?
Where does Dudley say he is going when he goes out with his gang?
What is Ginny's name?
How long is Harry's wand?

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