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What does the angel that possess Sam say his name is?
Who is the TV evangelist telling people to let angels in?
Who is Dorothy's father?
Where does Charlie go with Dorothy?
What does S.N.A.R.T. stand for?
What kind of hat did the shaman, Chef Leo, wear?
What was the name of the german shepherd in Dog Dean Afternoon?
Where does Castiel get a job?
What alias does Castiel use?
What year was Dean sent to Sonny's Home for Boys?
At what church do Sam and Dean make vows of chastity?
Where had Dean seen Suzy before?
Who does Ezekiel turn out to be?
Who's grace does Castiel steal?
Who dies in the episode Holy Terror?
What demon possess Sam in the epidose Road Trip?
What is the only weapon that can kill a Knight of Hell?
What does Cain put on Dean's arm?
What creature has Garth become?
What is Garth's wife's name?
What kind of monster eat's human fat?
Where did Crowley hold Mrs. Tran captive?
Who created the thinman story?
What does Crowley become addicted to?
In what year does Abaddon possess Josie Sands?
What 2 items does Gadreel buy in Meta Fiction?
What is Alex's real name?
How many monster families rule Chicago?
What is Crowley's son's name?
What secret word do the boys use to warn each other?
Where is the door to heaven?
What does Dean become in the season finale?

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