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What type of creature is Benny?Species
Sam has been living where?Georgraphical location
Sam's new girlfriend is named?Romance
The boys take the Trans to get what?Anti-possession
Kevin's girlfriend dies. What was her name?It's not Tatum.
Crowley says that what former astronaut made a deal?Moon
The cacao disguised himself as an athlete. What was his current disguises name and sport?Episode 3: Heartache
What is the name of the strip club in episode 3:heartache?If Alice was a stripper, she'd work here.
The students in Bitten become what creature?Species
Brian and Michael fight over a girl named _______ in episode 4?Bitten
The dog Sam hits is then named?Dog lives with Sam's girlfriend
When Dean finds out Benny was a pirate he calls him by what made-up creature name?Remember what species Benny is.
What was Garth's first hunt?Garth used to be a dentist.
Who is Don?Love Triangle
Dean is upset that Garth is trying to replace who?Balls!
What is the name of the angel Crowley tortures?Not Alfie
Who is God's scribe?Angel
What is Sam's girlfriend's father's name?Episode 8
The old man in the nursing home that has psychokinetic powers is named?Friend of John's
What does the cat call Cas?It's not nice.
Finish his quote: What's the word Cas?Cas' reply.
What is the nursing home cat's name?Is he named after Singer?
Benny's great-granddaughter is named?Citizen Fang
What state is Benny from?Cajun
Who kills Martin?Vampire
Where has Kevin been hiding?Location
The angel messing with Cas' mind is named?From the intelligence division
What name has Charlie been using?Not queen
The monster in episode 11 is what?Species
What has Charlie been doing?Episode 11
Where was John Winchester raised?As Time Goes By
What was John Winchester's father's name?Episode 12
The boy's grandfather was a member of what secret organization?Aquarian Star Symbol
Josie Sands becomes possessed by the demon ______?1958
What creature does Aaron's grandfather give him?Species
What is the first trial?Episode 14
Why did the Cassity family make a deal?What did they want to find?
James' familiar take the form of what animal?Episode 15
What has James become?species
What do Sam and Dean argue about at the beginning of episode 15?TV
Why is Prometheus cursed?He gave _______ to humans.
What is Prometheus/Shane's son's name?Remember the Titans
What is the title of episode 17?Sorry, no hint
What does Meg call Castiel?It's a Wonderful Life
What color is Meg's hair in this episode?Episode 17
Krissy's friends are named?Freaks and Geeks
What kind of monsters had Krissy been hunting?species
What is the second trial?Episode 19
Sam gets into hell by passing through _______?Location
Who does Sam rescue from hell?YEAH!!
Charlie has researched the boy's life by reading _______?Carver Edlund
What book did Charlie's mother used to read to her?Tolkein
How did Charlie's parents die?Father died, mother in coma until death
What restaurant has Castiel been hiding in?Don't eat the turdunkin
What kind of donkey did Dean ride as a kid?Grand Canyon
What is the third trial?Use Crowley
Clip Show has three previously saved characters killed name one?Wendigo, Provenance, Shut up, Dr. Phil
Knowing Dean is upset with him Castiel buys him things at a mini-mart - what item can he not find.He does buy beef jerky, beer, toilet paper and a copy of Busy Asian Beauties.
Metatron tells Cas he needs to obtain what?Love
Metatron takes Cas' what making him turn human?Glowy stuff
What happens when Metatron's spell ends?Not expected

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