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Castiel replaces the church window of Jesus with a picture of who?
What were God's first creature's called?
At what time does Death create an eclipse?
Sam has hallucinations of who?
What color is Leviathan ooze?
Sam has a bad cut where?
What is the name of the hospital in Sioux Falls?
What building is burned down?
What leg does Dean break early in the season?Got to be right or left
Where is Rufus' cabin located?city and state
In The Girl Next Door Sam picks up a newspaper, what is the headline?
What is Amy?
What is the name of the Egyptian god that confonts people's guilt?
What are Don and Maggie Stark?Type of Creature
Who is the leader of the Leviathans?
What new identities does Frank give the boys?as opposed to their usual aliases
What kind of people live in Lily Dale?
What were the Fox sisters first names?
Who does Sam marry?first and last name
Who does Dean hunt with while Sam is gone in Season Seven, Time for a Wedding?
What wedding present does Dean get Sam?
What is Frank's last name?spelling counts, think French
What kind of sandwich is making people not care about things?
What is the name of the waiter at Biggerson's?
What does the waiter call Bobby?He calls Sam Big Bird and Dean Ken Doll.
What do the guys first think they are hunting in How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters?
What episode does Bobby die in?
Where was Bobby shot at?body part
What are the numbers Bobby writes on Sam's hand?454---
Lee Chamber's daughter's name is...?
What do Bobby's numbers end up being?
What year does Dean travel to in Time After Time?
What is the name of the hunter Dean hunts with in Time After Time?first and last
At what bar does Dean meet Lydia?
What creature is Lydia?
What is Dean and Lydia's daughter's name?
What is the name of the kid's play place that Sam is scared of?
What toy does Dean try to get enough tickets for?
Four years ago Sam and Dean exorcised a demon from a guy named...?
What ballet is the ballerina dancing to when she dances herself to death?
When Sam has a mental breakdown he is locked in the psychiatric ward of what hospital?
Castiel is found going by the name Emmanuel which he says was found on what website?
What is the Japanese monster that can only be seen by people who are drunk?
What is the name of the ghost rumored to haunt the woods in Party On, Garth?first and last
The boys first see Bobby's ghost in what episode?
Charlie is obessed with what Harry Potter character?
Castiel talks about how humans invented what...?
The prophet revealed in this season is named?first and last
The Leviathans buy a high fructose corn syrup named?
When Dean kills Dick he and Castiel are transported where?

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