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What does Dean draw under the rug at Lisa's house?
Where does Sam say he woke up at?
What cousins of Sam and Dean do we meet this season?Only have to name one/first and last
What kind of car does Sam drive in Exile On Main Street
The baby Sam and Dean save in Two and a Half Men ends up being what kind of creature?
What do Sam and Dean name the baby?
Who is Christopher Birch's brother?first and last
Who stole the staff of Moses?
What is Crowley's real name?His human name
What do the other demon's call Crowley behind his back?
What does Bobby use to kill the okami?
What is Crowley's son's name?first and last
What is the name of the girl who was kidnapped by vampires?Think Twilight Actress
What is the name of the vampire that turns Dean?
Where did Jane Peterson work?
Who owns the Horn of Truth?
Who is the goddess of truth?
What is Sam missing?
Who is the King of Hell?
What is Crowley trying to locate?
Who has been capturing creatures for Crowley?
A skinwalker pretends to be a dog named...?
What breed of dog does the skinwalker disgues himself as?
What do Sam and Dean first believe is behind the disappearances in Clap Your Hands If You Believe?
What is the name of the hippy chick Sam meets in Clap Your Hands If You Believe?
Fairies must count every grain of what?
Where does Dean trap the fairy at?
What does Castiel watch on TV in Caged Heat?
Sam trick Castiel into showing up by telling him the plot of what movie is really happening?
Who does Sam try to kill in Appointment in Samarra?
How old is the girl with the heart condition Dean has to kill as Death?
Dr. Visyak specializes in what...?
What type of monster did Sam and Samuel hunt in Bristol, Rhode Island?
Who is possessing dolls and mannequins?first and last
How did Rose die?
Where is the show Supernatural filmed?The French Mistake
In the French Mistake Dean becomes an actor named...?
And Sam becomes an actor named...?
Misha Collins is an actor who plays what character?
Jared Padalecki, the actor, is married to who?
In what episode does Rufus die?
Who is the Mother of All?
The Khan Worm crawls in people's...?body part
Balthazar goes back in time and unsinks what ship?
The fate in My Heart Will Go On is named...?
Sam and Dean go back in time to what town?town and state
The phoenix is named...?
Dean names the hybrid creatures...?
Who narrates the episode The Man Who Would Be King?
At the end of the season Castiel says he is the new who?

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