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How many nuns did Azazel kill in 1972?
What is the final seal?
Who is Sam's superfan?first and last name
What is the Michael sword?
What is the name of the person Lucifer is using as a vessel?
What kind of car does War drive?color and make
What is Rufus' last name?
What does Sam tell people his name is in Free to Be You and Me?
How do you trap an archangel?
What year does Zachariah send Dean to?
Where does Sam say yes to Lucifer?
What disease has wiped out the population?
Who guest stars in Fallen Idols?
Which wax figure attacks Sam?
What is the name of the AntiChrist?first and last name
What is the other word the AntiChrist was called?
What is the name of the witch that takes and gives years?
Who gets turned old?
What does the witch give Sam?
What game do the boys play with the witch?
The trickster is really who?
What is the name of the episode where Sam and Dean get trapped in TV land?
What medicine does Sam do a commercial for?
What is the name of the ghost woman in The Real Ghostbusters?
Becky says that Bela gave the colt to who?
What is Crowley?
In what episode do Jo and Ellen die?
What mental hospital do the boys end up hunting at?
What is the name of the patient that used to be a hunter in Sam, Interrupted?
What monster is attacking patients?
What is the name of the teenager that Sam switches bodies with?
What is the language of angels?
What weapon kills angels?
Mary tells Dean that what is watching over him?
What horse man causes extreme hunger?
What does Castiel eat when famine affects him?
What was Bobby's wife's name?
Who is the Sheriff of Sioux Falls?
What angel talks to God?
When Sam was younger and her ran away he got a dog and named it what?
Leah Gideon is really who?
Where does Zachariah take Adam?
The other Gods know Gabriel as who?
Gabriel likes who?
Sam's college friend Brady is...?
What song plays during Death's entrance?
What city does Death almost destroy?
What two people fall into Lucifer's cage?
Dean promises Sam he will go live with who?
What is the finale of season 5?

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